Recessed magnet 20x7- 4.5 mm extra strong


Round neodymium magnet with a magnetic force of 15 kg. Anti-corrosion treatment. A hole with a recess for a screw or rivet. You can easily screw or rivet the magnet anywhere.

Larger circular magnets in a metal case fit:

for the production of holders for the workshop, garage, factory,

for the kitchen and operations as utensil and appliance holders,

for installing lights on ceilings and walls or structures,

as stops and holders for open doors or windows,

for fixing heavier curtains and insect nets, blinds,

for the production of advertising stands, attaching sails,

for assembling and fixing panels and constructions of trade fair stands,

for attaching tiles, cover plates, hatches,

for fastening and stops of cabinet doors, such as magnetic closures,

to the sauna door

75.00 Kč
5,625.00 Kč / 75 pcs
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